Tribal Services

Tribal Enrollment

To apply for enrollment into the Chilkat Indian Village, fill out Enrollment Application and mail it to the Chilkat Indian Village (full contact info...).

Child Care; Education; Welfare Assistance

For eligible person/ persons that need help with child care, higher education, job skills and training, and welfare assistance, download application form and mail or deliver it in person to the Chilkat Indian Village (full contact info...)

Tlingit and Haida Energy Assistance Program

Low income energy assistance Program

The Housing Improvement Program (HIP-BIA) is a Grant Program to help eligible Indians & Alaska Natives Repair/Renovate existing housing, and in some special cases, build New Homes. The program is for those who are unable to obtain housing assistance from other sources. The deadline for applications to be turned in is January 15, 2014. Please read the FLYER for further instructions.